Certified Grief Educator, Coach, & Emerging Grief Leader

Dr. Julie Shaw


Dr. Shaw (she/her) specializes in supporting individuals in high-performing roles as an emerging leader in the grief space and grief coach. Inspired by her personal journey of the loss of her sister Jennifer, pregnancy loss and infertility, Dr. Shaw redefines grief as an opportunity for growth and resilience, empowering clients to integrate grief into their lives while excelling personally and professionally.

Communities Served

As the Founder of Hello I'm Grieving, Dr. Shaw provides a specialized community for individuals navigating grief, offering virtual and in-person events tailored to their needs. She prides herself on inclusion, creating a safe space for all identities, including serving LGBTQ+ communities navigating infertility.

With a background in leadership development and executive coaching, Dr. Shaw understands the unique challenges faced by high-pressure roles, and also provides support to high performers from CEOs to athletes, drawing from her experience as a former professional basketball player and coach.


Certified by renowned grief educator David Kessler, Dr. Shaw combines evidence-based techniques with a compassionate, client-centered approach. In addition to her group offerings, she will soon be opening spots for personalized one-on-one coaching, providing individualized support to clients seeking a more intimate approach to their grief journey.


Collaborating with global leaders, Dr. Shaw integrates grief education and support into corporate environments, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all. She is sought out to speak on various topics of grief as guests on podcasts, panels, research and recently featured in the documentary on grief Meet Me Where I Am.

Based in Los Angeles, Dr. Shaw resides with her family, embodying the balance between professional success and personal fulfillment she instills in her clients.